The Best Star Wars Games on PC

Star Wars series is undoubtedly one of the most popular and celebrated space sagas. Created by George Lucas, this series is about adventures of various characters in galaxies far away. Several PC games based on this super-hit space series have been released. But there is a different sense of enjoyment in indulging in games based on super-hit series like Star Wars. The UK Casino offers quite a lot of casino games online to relish. Here are the most popular Star Wars games for PC.

Republic Commando 

Republic Commando is one of the most enjoyable FPS games in the Star Wars series. It is light and tactical. Republic Commando is probably the best game to start the series with. It has a perfect blend of adult tone and lightness to it. Republic Commando is the apt opening sequence, where one can see one’s clone captain in the first person. They can Command the clone specialists and order them with simple key presses. 

Empire at War 

Empire of war is one of the games that has portrayed the essence of the Star Wars series in the true sense. The ground battles and magic of space are just irresistible in the Petroglyphs Empire at war. It even supports multiplayer these days, making it more awesome.

Rogue Squadron 

Rogue Squadron is a simple arcade shooter game. This extraordinary shooter features every spaceship distinctly in design and feel. The amazing fan oriented service is evident when one sees the setting of levels in familiar locations. Rogue Squadron has probably created keeping in mind Nintendo’s star fox 64. The flow is quite easy to maintain as getting a grip on the craft is very easy. The star attraction of the game must be the levels- Death Star trench run and the battle of Hoth. These are unlocked after scrupulous collection of gold medals. Rogue Squadron is laced with the universe bits, millennium falcon and Naboo starfighter, hence providing a sense of completeness to the fans.

Knights of the old republic 

The popularity of Knights of the old republic is because its plot is based years before the events of the series. This provided them with the flexibility to depict characters as per their choice and they certainly did wonder with it. Knights of the old republic portrays in the correct sense what led to the initiation of all the events in the first place. One should indulge in this epic game for the developer’s wide and glorious imagination.

Star Wars Galaxies

 Star Wars galaxies are one of the best MMOs ever made. In this universe, everything was controlled by the players. This was the most suitable game for the role players. It had an extraordinary ground to space simulation of the Star Wars universe with the player’s environment and it provided a chance to live in the Star Wars surroundings.

Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast 

Jedi Knight 2 is best known for its unmatched duel experience. This game was the first one to make the duels feel like the duel. Jedi Knight 2 was way too realistic, as every duel was loaded with fatal dangers and every weapon felt like lethal machines.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

 Battlefront provides a chance to experience what exactly it feels like inside the Star Wars universe. For once, you just must be a storm trooper on the ground. The most gripping part about battlefront is it’s silly and goofy physics and battles and the endless chaos. This game provides with every possible toy one can expect in a Star Wars game!

Episode 1: Racer 

This is the fastest game in the series of Star Wars games. Also, it captures pod racing in the truest sense possible. Apart from the adrenaline pumping speed, racer also provided complete control over the pod. Racer provided the perfect opportunity to emulate Anakin. It is loaded with the intriguing amount of customizability and is extremely fast and fun.

Dark forces

Dark forces provide an opportunity for blaster battle with stormtroopers, gamorrean guard, imperial officers and probe droids. Being able to crouch, walk, jump in the multi-level map is quite engrossing. Dark forces have a sense of familiarity with it. The reason behind it is that instead of shooting unknown demons, players must battle against the known Star Wars characters.

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