Game Update 2.3 PTS Patch Notes

BioWare hve reopend the public test servers. This time with Game Update 2-3.  Right now on the test servers, the reputation vendor has an item for 1 million credits that rewards Treek, a healing ewok companion
treel healing companion
… And a  kick-ass IG-88 style HK customisation skin:
swtor hk51 skin
Also included is  New titles from the BH event – Death mark if five systems, Wanted dead or alive, and cartel security.
Check out the full patch notes below:

Public Test Server Open! | 06.28.2013, 10:14 AM Greetings PTS Testers!

The Public Test Server is now available for testing Game Update 2.3: Titans of Industry! You can read about the new content and changes in the Patch Notes.

We’re excited to read everyone’s feedback! Please post your thoughts and/or any issues you find here in the PTS Forums. Also, please don’t forget to use /bug for any issues you encounter, as these are sent directly to our QA team.

For this phase of testing, Character Copy from the live servers is not available, but we plan to make it available later on while Game Update 2.3 is on the PTS.

Thank you for your participation!


Cartel Market

  • The Cartel Market room on the Fleet and all associated vendors have moved to the new second-floor Cartel Bazaar area, which can be accessed from the central elevator on the main level.


  • Palette Graphics Upgrade! All environments have been given a visual upgrade with more vibrant colors.


  • New Level 55 Flashpoint: Czerka Corporate Labs! Infiltrate Czerka’s corporate headquarters on CZ-198 and take down Rasmus Blys, the Czerka scientist responsible for developing the company’s most dangerous weaponry.
    • Includes all-new role-neutral Story Mode at Level 55, where Group Finder will match the first four players of any role for fast queue times!
    • Level 55 Hard Mode is also available.
  • New Level 55 Flashpoint: Czerka Core Meltdown! Race against time to stop the imminent meltdown of the CZ-198 research facility and battle against the terrifying security system known as “The Vigilant!”
    • Includes all-new role-neutral Story Mode at Level 55, where Group Finder will match the first four players of any role for fast queue times!
    • Level 55 Hard Mode is also available.

Items and Economy


  • Arkanian, Underworld and Kell Dragon Proc Relics will no longer prevent other Arkanian, Underworld and Kell Dragon Procs of a different type from activating. For example, characters can now have both a Power proc relic and a damage proc relic equipped and expect them both to activate correctly.



Missions and NPCs


  • CZ-198, a new Level 55 Daily mission area, is now available! CZ-198 is a small, private moon where Czerka Corporation’s most secret and dangerous data, research and technology is stored. The facility has recently entered an emergency security lockdown, and both the Empire and the Republic have descended on the moon in order to seize control.
    • Complete missions to earn Galactic Reputation with the Ordnance Acquisition Corps (Empire) / Adjudicators (Republic) and purchase special rewards including powerful all new companion armor for Droids!
  • CZ-198 is now available as a destination on the Priority Transport Terminal.
  • [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts can now be advanced by completing [HARD] Czerka Corporate Labs and [HARD] Czerka Core Meltdown in addition to existing level 55 Hard Mode Flashpoints.




  • Capturing the side turrets (Objective Control Points) no longer spawns speeders that take your team to that turret.
  • Alderaan is only available Warzone for PTS to ensure that the new change receives additional testing.