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SWTOR Companions List
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February 2, 2020
8:44 pm
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Here is the full companions List for Star Wars: The old republic. Each class will be able to get a total of 5 companions through out the game. Each companion will be able to do different types of damage or play different roles in a group. Each companion will also give different bonuses to your crew skills in swtor.

Pro Tip 1: If you enter your Quest Log, go to Codex then 'Person of Note', you can see what your companion likes/dislikes. This way you know what to say on dialogs to get +affection.

Pro Tip 2: Companions use crafting materials that are in your cargo hold, you don't have to carry crafting materials on you.

Pro Tip 3: If you hit N for crew skills, you can click the individual crew skill next to each companion.
For the longest time I was picking the general "slicing" button at the top of the page and I had to scroll through the character bar on the slicing mission page to select who I wanted to send on that mission. Now I just click the slicing button next to the companion I want to send.

Here is a quick list of companion gifts

Republic Gifts
Imperial Gifts

Remember to save our Datacron Location List. You will need it when you start playing next month! Have fun.



Image Enlarger

Aric Jorgan -Ord Mantell - Romance-able

Lieutenant Aric Jorgan is a Male Cathar stationed on Ord Mantell. He is the first companion a player receives as a Trooper. He is a Ranged DPS type companion. He is a member of Havoc Squad.
Lieutenant Aric Jorgan is described as tough as nails by the book solider. He is loyal to the Republic. His Alignment is heavily leaning Light side and affection system will go up only by doing what he feels is best for the Republic. His Gifts are Military gear although History gifts will increase his Affection.

Image EnlargerElara Dorne -Taris - Romance-able

A highly talented field medic, Elara Dorne was born Imperial and served in the Empire’s military for two years before defecting to the Republic. She has since served with distinction as a search-and-rescue squad leader, earning several commendations for aiding wounded men under direct enemy fire. Her operational record is flawless.

What no record can show is that Dorne’s background, combined with her strict adherence to regulations and rigid, uncompromising personality, has made her fairly unpopular with her fellow soldiers. In truth, she’s widely regarded as a cold, asocial killjoy, an unfortunate side effect of her dedication to embodying the laws and ideals of the Republic.

Image EnlargerM1-4X -Nar Shaddaa

  • Ranged, Blaster Rifle
  • Heavy Armor/Droid Parts
  • Tank Companion
  • Starting Kit: Flamethrower
  • Primary Stat: Aim
  • Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • Primary Weapon: Blaster Rifle or Blaster Pistol
  • Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • Voice Actor: Tom Kane

M1-4X is a highly advanced war droid designed and built specifically to serve in Havoc Squad. As such, his engineers programmed him to be a perfect soldier: completely loyal, fervently patriotic, and willing and eager to go to any length or face any risk in order to destroy the Republic’s enemies.

M1-4X’s armor plating, weapons systems and processing power are significantly advanced over typical military droid standards, due in large part to his unusual power core. Constructed by an unknown group or organization, the core was recovered during a classified operation and has output capabilities far beyond conventional models.

Likes: Destroying the Republic’s enemies, pro-Republic messages, courage
Dislikes: Anything against the Republic’s goals

Image EnlargerTanno Vik (male Weequay)

  • Planet: Balmora
  • Companion type: Melee Tank (?)
  • Armor: Heavy
  • Armament: Rifle, Suppression, Grenade (?)
  • Special:
  • Starting Kit:
  • Gifts:
  • Note: Demolitions expert.
  • Voice Actor: David Anthony Pizzuto

One of the most talented demolitions experts to ever serve in the Republic military, Tanno Vik is charming, highly skilled, and completely amoral. Born to the lawless streets of Nar Shaddaa, Vik is accustomed to putting his own interests first; enlistment was merely a convenient means of escape after betraying one criminal partner too many. But once he got his hands on the most advanced weapons and explosives in the galaxy, he was hooked.

During training, Vik impressed his instructors with his unprecedented speed at locating structural weaknesses in everything from buildings to vehicles, ensuring that he always planted his explosives where they would do the most damage. He was even considered for entry into Special Forces division, but his belligerent attitude and disregard for authority held him back. Criminal accusations were registered against him throughout his short service career, until he was finally convicted for masterminding a protection racket while defending a Republic outpost on Talay. After his discharge, Vik resorted to mercenary work, and still plies his abilities in the galaxy’s deadliest conflict areas to this day.

Image EnlargerYuun (Gand)

  • Planet: Hoth
  • Companion type: Melee Damage
  • Armor: Medium
  • Armament: Electrostaff
  • Starting Kit:
  • Primary Stat: Aim
  • Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • Primary Weapon: Electrostaff
  • Secondary Weapon: Generator (non-shield)

Even in an organization as diverse as the Republic Army, Yuun stands out. A member of the Gand species and hailing from the Gand homeworld, Yuun is a Findsman, a type of shamanistic tracker held in very high regard among his people. He applies his unusual training to technical tasks of every kind, resulting in a success record unmatched by any other technician in the military.

As effective as Yuun’s methods are, they rarely meet with understanding or approval from his fellow soldiers. But despite his eccentricities, Yuun’s fighting skill and calm approach to any challenge generally earn at least the grudging respect of the men and women he serves with.

Likes: Mysteries, respect for unusual people/beliefs, patience, self-restraint
Dislikes: Unnecessary violence, chaos, rudeness, recklessness, bragging


Image EnlargerCorso Riggs -Ord Mantell - Romance-able

Corso Riggs is the first companion character for the the Smuggler, He is the second person that smuggler meets during their story. Riggs is an employee of Skavak who gives some helpful pointers to the smuggler when first going out into Ord Mantell. Riggs is later betrayed by Skavak, who also steals the smuggler's ship. Based on his Face paint he may be a Kiffar (unconfirmed)

Riggs is a ranged tank that starts off with a handful of abilities that can create and maintain threat. As he gains levels, he acquires more abilities that enable him to be a better tank, such as an AOE fragmentation grenade and an EMP blast. He also gains a damage mode, so that he can also become a ranged damage dealer. At high levels he also gains numerous support and protection abilities to ensure that his allies make it through the fight.

Image EnlargerBowdaar -Nar Shaddaa (Wookie)

Bowdaar is the Wookiee companion character for the Smuggler class.

Bowdaar fights in gladiator arenas across the galaxy. In 108 years of competition, he has never been beaten. Some say that Bowdaar is an immortal being with supernatural powers, but those who have faced him in combat and lived to tell the tale know that he is only the best fighter out there.

Though his fights have made and lost fortunes for countless gamblers, Bowdaar has not profited. He is and has been a slave for all of the time he has been in the arena.

Image EnlargerRisha -Alderaan - Romance-able

  • - Ranged Dps
  • - Medium Armor
  • - Uses Rifle, Sniper Rifle
  • - Barrage mode (aoe mode)
  • - Grenade Kit
  • - Primary Stat: Cunning
  • - Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • - Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
  • - Secondary Weapon: Scattergun
  • - Voice Actor: Tara Strong

Petty criminal, starship mechanic, woman of mystery, royal queen: all of these terms apply to Risha, daughter of notorious crimelord Nok Drayen. Considering her upbringing as a violent gangster’s child, it’s a wonder Risha turned out remotely normal. Wise and experienced beyond her years, she has led an adventurous life containing some extremely dark chapters.

Despite her biting sarcasm and general selfishness, one can never shake the feeling that Risha would be a better person if only she knew how. Years spent among the galaxy’s dregs have fostered layers of personal self-defense mechanisms and a cynical shell around her. Only the most persistent friend has any hope of meeting the "real" Risha hiding beneath the surface.

Likes: Self-interest, profit, secrets and new tech
Dislikes: Unprofessional or emotional behavior, killing innocents, working with the stupid or uneducated

Image EnlargerAkavi Spaar (female, Mandalorian) - Romance-able

  • Planet: Balmorra
  • Companion type: Ranged Damage
  • Armor: Heavy Armor
  • Special: Flamethrower move
  • Starting Kit:
  • Primary Stat: Aim
  • Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • Primary Weapon: Electrostaff
  • Secondary Weapon: Generator (non-shield)
  • Voice Actor: Stacy Haiduk

Akaavi Spar was born into a respected Mandalorian clan and became one of its finest warriors. She killed her first foe–an abusive Abyssin mercenary–at the age of eight using an improvised flamethrower. This victory earned her the nickname "firehand" among her clan and marked the beginning of an impressive career as an Imperial bounty hunter. Akaavi captured and killed all manner of targets in her youth, from career criminals to Jedi.

When her entire clan was framed for crimes against the Empire and executed, Akaavi alone survived the brutal purge–but her outlook on the galaxy changed forever. With no connection to her Mandalorian heritage, she became a wandering mercenary loyal to no one.

Likes: Combat challenges, profit, irritating authority figures
Dislikes: The Republic, dishonorable acts, mercy

Image EnlargerGuss Tuno (Mon Calamari)

  • Planet: Hoth
  • Companion type: Healer
  • Armor: Medium
  • Armament: Blasters
  • Special:
  • Starting Kit:
  • Primary Stat: Cunning
  • Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
  • Secondary Weapon: Scattergun
  • Voice Actor: Gary Schwartz

Guss Tuno prefers the underworld lifestyle’s potential for material riches. In a perfect galaxy, Guss would spend his retirement lounging in a heated swimming pool surrounded by exotic beauties while consuming a steady diet of fresh fish and expensive cocktails.

Although he often speaks before he thinks, Guss has talked his way out of certain death many times. He often uses his minimal knowledge of Jedi–and the lightsaber he stole from his old Master–to fool gullible criminals into leaving him alone. When that fails, Guss reveals he’s a much better shot than anyone would believe.

Likes: Mocking Force users, profit from those who can afford it, a good scam
Dislikes: Killing innocents, risking your neck for nothing

Jedi Consular:

Image EnlargerQyzen-Fess -Typhon (male Trandoshan)

  • Melee Tank
  • Heavy Armor
  • Electrostaff or Vibrosword
  • Toggleable taunt-mode "lightning whip",
  • +5 BioChem, +15 Archaeology
  • Primary Stat: Aim
  • Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • Primary Weapon: Vibrosword
  • Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • Voice Actor:

Qyzen Fess was a male Trandoshan hunter during the time of the Cold War. Unlike many of his kin, he did not become a mercenary, but instead chose the traditional path of a big game hunter, pitting his skills against the deadliest predators the galaxy had to offer. As such, he became a famed hunter and tracker, with his travels taking him from the swamps of Belkadan to the deserts of Tatooine in search of prey. He lost his right eye during one such hunt, and replaced it with a cybernetic prosthesis. Fess bartered his trophies in exchange for supplies and passage to new hunting grounds, and carried few personal possessions. Instead, he kept hold of only his weapons and a tally of his kills that he offered to the Scorekeeper. His hunting trips occasionally brought him into conflict with other sentient beings, including criminals, Mandalorians and even Jedi Masters, with such experiences making him slow to trust outsiders. However, whenever he did make a friend, Qyzen would defend such individuals with his life.

Image EnlargerTheran Cedrex -Nar Shaddaa (male Human) - Romance-able

  • -Ranged Healer
  • -Medium Armor
  • -Pistol
  • -toggleable healing mode
  • +10 Cybertech, +10 Slicing
  • Primary Stat: Cunning
  • Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
  • Secondary Weapon: Scattergun
  • Voice Actor: Jamie Elman

Although not a household name, Tharan Cedrax is well known in several circles. In the casinos of Nar Shaddaa, he is cursed as a card-counting mathematical genius. To the eligible women of the galaxy, he is a famous charmer who sees rejection as an intriguing challenge. Among technologists, he earned accolades for solving a technical paradox that revolutionized computer slicing; despite his achievements, however, Tharan isn’t taken seriously by the galaxy’s scientific community, which looks down on him as a playboy rather than a serious researcher.

In recent years, Tharan has taken an interest in "exo-technology," an almost unknown field involving esoteric alien sciences, and gone into business making custom gadgets for wealthy clients. Often accompanied by his lovely holographic companion, Holiday, Tharan has spent his credits freely, enjoying the very best Nar Shaddaa has to offer while staying just shy of its dangers.

Likes: Cleverness, logical thinking, aiding scientists and beautiful women, getting something for nothing
Dislikes: Mystical Jedi nonsense, Force Persuade, destroying science, heroism that involves danger

Image EnlargerZenith -Balmorra (male Twilek) - Romance-able

  • -Ranged DPS
  • -Medium armor
  • -Sniper Rifle
  • -AOE Damage Kit.
  • - Primary Stat: Cunning
  • - Secondary STat: Endurance
  • - Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
  • - Secondary Weapon: Scattergun
  • -Voice Actor: Troy Baker

"Zenith" is the code name of a Balmorran revolutionary fighter who has made a career out of hurting the Empire. Once a member of a powerful resistance cell broken up by Imperial infiltrators, Zenith has struck out on his own, gathering followers from Balmorra’s oppressed population to launch sneak attacks, raids and bombings against the occupying Imperial forces.

Years spent in hiding and seeing the plight of Balmorran citizens have left Zenith with a deep-seated paranoia and hatred of the Empire–especially Balmorra’s Sith governor, Darth Lachris. Nothing enrages him more than those who collaborate with the oppressors; he has been known to refuse aid to Balmorrans who cooperate with Imperial soldiers. The sacrifices he has endured have also nurtured Zenith’s ambitions–when Balmorra is finally free, someone will have to ensure her new government is strong enough to prevent another occupation.

Likes: Hurting Imperials, standing up for the weak, stubbornness, resolve
Dislikes: Mercy to the Empire, betrayal, second chances for those who do wrong

Image EnlargerLt Iresso (male Human) - Romance-able

  • Planet: Hoth (Awarded at the end of Hoth class storyline)
  • Companion type: Ranged Tank
  • Armament: Blaster rifle
  • Special: Taunt ranged skill
  • Starting Kit:
  • Primary Stat: Aim
  • Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • Primary Weapon: Blaster Rifle or Blaster Pistol
  • Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • Voice Actor: Dion Graham

The son of refugees made homeless during the Great War, Lieutenant Felix Iresso has been a career soldier for many years. His file shows participation in several notable battles, including the so-called Eight-Hour Invasion of Dubrillion where Republic forces repelled an Imperial invasion force with minimal reinforcements. Since then, Lieutenant Iresso has earned excellent technical scores and commendations for exemplary service.

However, his file also contains some discrepancies. Lieutenant Iresso has one of the highest transfer rates in the Republic military, serving under almost a dozen commanders across the galaxy in two years. The lieutenant has also been overlooked for promotion several times. The only explanation from his superiors is a reference to an incident on Althir where Lieutenant Iresso was captured by the Empire, but no details are given.

Likes: Republic military, leadership, danger for the greater good, honor and mercy
Dislikes: Breaking the law, cruelty

Image EnlargerNadia Grell (female, Jedi) - Romance-able

  • Planet: Belsavis (Misson after completion of Belsavis storyline)
  • Companion type: Melee Damage
  • Armor: Light
  • Armament: Doublebladed Lightsaber
  • Special: AOE Melee Attack
  • Primary Stat: Willpower
  • Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • Primary Weapon: Polesaber
  • Secondary Weapon: Focu
  • Voice Actor: Holly Fields

Nadia Grell is a female companion of the Jedi Consular. She is a padawan for the Consular and one can have a romantic storyline with her. She wields a polesaber in combat

A native of distant Sarkhai and daughter of Senator Tobas Grell, Nadia Grell is a newcomer not only to the Republic, but to the entire concept of space exploration. Surrounded by new species and strange cultures, Nadia is eager to experience everything she can. She has become interested in the intricacies of galactic diplomacy while traveling alongside her father, and often acts as his assistant during talks.

As she revealed on Attis Station, Nadia is also strong in the Force; unusually strong, in fact. As Force sensitives are relatively unknown on Sarkhai, Nadia's untrained powers left her shunned and feared by her own people. Senator Grell's decision to take her with him when he left Sarkhai was motivated by the hope of finding others like her in the Republic, and perhaps discovering some way for her to control her incredible talents.

Jedi Knight:

Image EnlargerT7-01 -Typhon (Astromech Droid)

  • -Ranged Tank
  • -Heavy Armor
  • -Blaster Rifle
  • - Primary Stat: Aim
  • - Secondary STat: Endurance
  • - Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol or Blaster Rifle
  • - Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • -Voice Actor:

A quirky and surprisingly stubborn astromech droid with a lively personality and strong independent streak, T7-01 serves the Jedi by bravely facing danger on a daily basis. Skilled in high-resolution sensor scans, mechanical repair and starship piloting (along with numerous undocumented talents), the droid’s hard work is responsible for saving dozens, if not hundreds, of lives on Tython alone.

Little is known about T7 before the droid came into the service of the Jedi. Certain features of its construction hint at it being a custom model built some time ago, but there are no official records to substantiate the theory. Despite the uncertainty of its origins, the droid’s enthusiasm and willingness to put itself in harm’s way leave little doubt as to its loyalty.

Image EnlargerKira Carsen -Courscant - Romance-able

  • -Melee DPS
  • -Light Armor,
  • -Doublebladed or single lightsaber
  • -AOE sweep ability
  • -Kira: +5 Synthweaving Critical, +1 Rescarch Critical
  • Primary Stat: Willpower
  • Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • Primary Weapon: Polesaber
  • Secondary Weapon: Focus
  • Voice Actor: Laura Bailey

Prone to cynicism and a stubborn independent streak, Kira Carsen is an improbable recruit to the Jedi Order. This is partially excused by the fact that she began her Padawan training as a young adult; Kira had spent most of her life up to that point as a homeless drifter, scraping out a miserable existence on some of the galaxy’s most unpleasant worlds.

Thanks to her hard-luck upbringing, Kira has considerably more life experience than most Jedi–and a world-weary sophisticate’s attitude to match. In the eyes of her peers, Kira is someone who refuses to take anything seriously or fully commit to the Jedi path.

Those who look more closely, however, might detect the glimmer of an optimist peeking through Kira’s sarcastic facade. Despite her insistence on questioning its teachings, she has a deep appreciation for the comfort and relative safety she obtained by joining the Jedi Order.

Likes: Being funny, getting involved, mocking and defeating the Empire
Dislikes: Bullying, acting like a mercenary, cooperating with Sith

Image EnlargerDoc -Balmora - Romance-able

  • -Ranged Healer
  • -Pistol
  • -Special skill is healing
  • -Crew Skills: +5 Underworld Tradeing Efficiency, +5 Biochem Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Cunning
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
  • -Secondary Weapon: Scattergun
  • -Voice Actor: Andrew Bowen

The brilliant medtech known simply as "Doc" is driven to bring quality health care to underserved star systems. This has led Doc to keep some unusual company: pathosis-riddled crime lord Fashaka Four-Toes, the Red Band Rebels of Cadinth and even the Imperial military during a brief stint impersonating a member of the Imperial Medical Corps on the conquered planet Sullust.

Doc has a talent for using bad people to save good lives–a fact he emphasizes to anyone within earshot. Some characterize Doc as a blowhard and scoundrel, but these individuals have never required his impressive surgical skills. Doc has visited every major galactic battleground over the past five years and saved more lives than even he can count.

Likes: Looking like a hero, romance and flirtation, helping those in need
Dislikes: Looking bad, hurting the innocent, refusing to help

Image EnlargerSargent Rusk -Hoth

  • -Ranged dps
  • -Heavy armor
  • -Sniper rifle
  • -Special is aoe barrage
  • -Crew Skills: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +10 Scavenging Efficiency
  • -Primary Stat: Aim
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Blaster Cannon
  • -Secondary Weapon: Generator (non-shield)
  • -Voice Actor: Ron Yuan

Raised by a colony of pacifist Chagrians, Rusk rebelled against his family’s beliefs and enlisted with the Republic military as soon as he could. At first, he proved to be a brilliant soldier and was identified as a rising star in the Republic’s ranks. Somewhere along the way, however, his bravery crossed the line into recklessness.

Although he still accomplished his missions, casualty rates among his squad rose astronomically. Rusk quickly became a pariah among other soldiers, including his superiors. His aggressive pursuit of victory over the Empire at any cost has earned him many medals from politicians, but no promotions from his commanders.

Likes: Killing Imperials, protecting the Republic, motivating others to fight
Dislikes: Avoiding fights, weakness, disrespecting authority

Image EnlargerLord Scourge -Empires Palace (Sith Pureblood)

  • -Melee dps (tank)
  • -Heavy armor
  • -Shield generator
  • -Speciality tank
  • -Crew Skills: +10 Artifice Efficiency, +10 Archaeology Efficiency
  • -Primary Stat: Strength
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Lightsaber
  • -Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • -Voice Actor: Joseph Gatt

As the Sith Emperor’s personal executioner, the grimly fatalistic Lord Scourge has personally killed more than a hundred Jedi–and ten times as many Sith. Even the most powerful members of the Dark Council avoid offending the man bearing the title "the Emperor’s Wrath."

Lord Scourge has dutifully served the Empire for over three hundred years, his life unnaturally prolonged by perverse technology and his master’s dark side powers. Centuries spent watching his fellow Sith Lords rise and fall has given Lord Scourge a unique perspective on people. He can analyze someone’s flaws after only brief observation, and freely shares his perceptions (whether they’re wanted or not).

Likes: Using power against the weak, power, anger, revenge and spite
Dislikes: Greed, acts of mercy, Jedi and Republic authorities

Bounty Hunter:

Image EnlargerMako -Hutta - Romance-able

  • -Ranged Healer
  • -Medium Armor
  • -Blasters
  • -Crew Skills: +5 Cybertech Efficiency, +15 Slicing Efficiency
  • -Primary Stat: Cunning
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
  • -Secondary Weapon: Vibroknife
  • -Voice Actor: Lacey Chabert

Companion Gifts: Technology, Courting > Underworld Goods > Weapon, Luxury, Trophy, Cultural Artifact

At first glance, Mako’s relationship with Braden seems more like that of a father and daughter than members of a team of professional bounty hunters–and that assessment wouldn’t be too far off the mark.

Orphaned and homeless but with an uncanny instinct for computing, Mako had been living as a freelance slicer in the shadows of Nar Shaddaa’s underbelly… until the day Braden pulled the girl bleeding out of an alley, and paid a street surgeon to patch her blaster burns.

Recognizing talent and trouble when he saw it, Braden took Mako under his wing and has been looking after her as his own ever since. But while Mako loves the old man more than anything, her independent nature is beginning to chafe under Braden’s protectiveness.

Likes: Professionalism, bounty hunters, making money, freedom, kindness
Dislikes: Bullying, cruelty, snobs

Image EnlargerGault -Tattooine

Companion Gifts: Luxury > Underworld Goods > Weapon, Technology, Cultural Artifact

Formerly the notorious smuggler and confidence man Tyresius Lokai, Gault Rennow now enjoys a relatively paranoia-free lifestyle as an unknown gun-for-hire. Still, old habits are hard to shake, and Gault’s cautiousness and duplicity are a constant reminder that the only thing to really change is his name. How long until the crafty Devaronian finds himself climbing up the galaxy’s most wanted list again is anyone’s guess.

Likes: Greed, indulgence, thinking your way through a problem
Dislikes: Fair fights, pain, charity, rules

Image EnlargerTorian Cadera -Taris (Mandalorian) - Romance-able

  • -Melee DPS
  • -Heavy Armor,
  • -Ground Slam Kit Default
  • -AOE flame swipe taunt special.
  • -Crew Skills: +10 Research Efficiency, +2 Bioanalysis Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Aim
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Electrostaff
  • -Secondary Weapon: Generator (non-shield)
  • -Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch

Companion Gifts: Trophy > Weapon, Military Gear, Courting > Underworld Goods, Technology, Cultural Artifact

It is the Mandalorian ideal that a warrior be judged by his or her own actions, not by those of his or her ancestors–but reality rarely lives up to ideals.

Torian Cadera has spent his entire short life trying to overcome the stigma of being a traitor’s son–a shame he has seldom been allowed to forget in the company of his peers. But Torian long ago learned to armor himself against contempt, and others’ doubts regarding his loyalty have only driven him to strive harder to prove his worth.

Because of this, Torian adheres to the codes and traditions of the Mandalorians with more devotion than many twice his age. Upholding honor and enduring adversity are the cornerstones of his existence.

Likes: Challenges, honor, Mandalorians, respect
Dislikes: Selling out, cowardice

Image EnlargerBlizz -Hoth

  • -Ranged Tank
  • -Heavy Armor,
  • -Suppressive Fire Special (Taunt)
  • -Crew Skill: +15 Armormech Efficiency, +1 Armstech Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Aim
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
  • -Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • -Voice Actor:

Companion Gifts: Technology > Weapon, Luxury, Military Gear, Trophy, Cultural Artifact, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia > Underworld Goods

Infinitely curious and adventuresome, Blizz always felt confined on his native Tatooine–the endless rolling dunes and limited selection of scrap leaving him perpetually bored. So when the traveling salvager Slam Streever visited Blizz’s clan to offer Jawas work as "ferrets"–individuals he could send into dangerous and dilapidated areas to scout for salvage treasure–Blizz leapt at the opportunity.

Blizz spent several years with Slam’s crew before the old scrapper made the mistake of selling his services to Hoth’s White Maw pirates. Years of toil under the menacing watch of the White Maw would soon deprive the salvagers of reasons to smile–but first, Slam gave his small friend the nickname "Blizz" after the little Jawa kicked up a snowstorm of excitement during his first encounter with the "white sands." It’s a name Blizz cherishes; one that reminds him of happier times.

Likes: Adventure, gadgets, attention, praise, friendship
Dislikes: Scary things, extreme violence, people who are mean to him

Image EnlargerSkadge - Belsavis

  • -Melee Tank
  • -Vibrosword
  • -Heavy armor
  • -Flamethrower kit
  • -Crew Skills: +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Treasure Hunting Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Aim
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Vibrosword
  • -Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • -Voice Actor: Neil Kaplan

Companion Gifts: Weapon, Underworld Goods > -- > Luxury, Military Gear, Trophy

A career gangster and psychopath, Skadge had been enjoying a prestigious position at the top of Coruscant’s most wanted list when a joint police, military and SIS task force managed to finally capture him. Deemed impossible to control or reform, the murderous Houk was secretly ushered to the only facility capable of housing him: Belsavis.

Although considered a prime candidate for the prison’s domination experiments, Skadge was removed from the program during his initial evaluation–a period over which he destroyed a gang of armed Kaleesh, every remaining member of his test group, half the observing researchers and three security details… with his bare hands.

Now, with the Imperial invasion of Belsavis, Skadge has been set loose after nearly three years of solitary confinement. He’s ready to settle some grudges.

Imperial Agent:

Image EnlargerKaliyo D'jannis -Hutta - Romance-able

  • -Ranged DPS
  • -Medium Armor,
  • -Dual Wield Pistols
  • -Grenade Kit Default
  • -Crew Skills: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +2 Underworld Trading Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Aim
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Blaster Rifle or Blaster Pistol
  • -Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • -Voice Actor: Tasia Valenza

Companion Gifts: Weapon, Luxury > Underworld Goods > Military Gear, Technology

Multiple contradictory accounts make full background assessment difficult. Subject likely born on Rattatak. Escaped homeworld at a young age. Proceeded to find employment as freelance enforcer and assassin for major criminal syndicates (Exchange, Hutt Cartel) and individual underworld figures (Rholl). Persistent links to Brentaal Four anarchist cells (see Revolutionary Edge Brigade). Minimal activity within Imperial borders.

Kaliyo Djannis prizes her freedom and will lie, murder and blackmail in order to ensure that she is in control of a situation and able to indulge her vices. Known to pursue lengthy vendettas to redress grievances. Possesses a track record of expertly manipulating employers, lovers and associates (agents should not be fooled by attempts at seduction). As with many mercenaries, her loyalty cannot be purchased, but her services can be–if only temporarily.

Likes: Disrespecting authority, casual violence, anarchy for the fun of it
Dislikes: Self-sacrifice for the greater good, sincerity, obedience, patriotic spirit and being taken advantage of.

Image EnlargerVector Hyllis -Alderaan - Romance-able

  • -Melee DPS
  • -Medium Armor,
  • -Vibrostaff
  • -AOE Swipe Mode special
  • -Gound Slam Kit Default
  • -Crew Skills: +5 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +5 Diplomacy Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Willpower
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Electrostaff
  • -Secondary Weapon: Generator (non-shield)
  • -Voice Actor: Ifran Meredith

Companion Gifts: Cultural Artifact > Imperial Memorabilia, Courting > Weapon, Luxury, Trophy

Second-generation Imperial; mother native to Jurio, married Captain Adronik Hyllus after Jurio was granted Imperial governance. Expressed desire to join Diplomatic Service at an early age and displayed appropriate traits. Ranked high academically during training, and soon after graduation was granted (by request) post aboard exploration and first contact vessel (see service record).

Reassigned to Alderaan due to diplomatic manpower needs (see House Thul). Served ably until encounter with Killik species and subsequent "Joiner" transformation. Current status is unclear.

Vector Hyllus has repeatedly expressed admiration for Imperial accomplishments while indicating a desire to spread Imperial influence through diplomatic channels. His attitudes were likely shaped by the Imperial reconstruction of his homeworld and are appropriate for a Diplomatic Service member. Hyllus is obedient, intelligent, charismatic and effective. He is unlikely to advance further within diplomatic or military hierarchies.

Likes: Diplomacy, helping people, exploring alien cultures
Dislikes: Greed, cruelty, prejudice, anti-alien sentiment

Image EnlargerDoctor Lokin 

  • -MeleeTank
  • -Light Armor
  • -Vibrosword and Shield Generator
  • -Tank Transformation Mode
  • -Ground Slam Kit Default
  • -Crew Skills: +15 Biochem Efficiency, +10 Research Efficiency
  • -Voice Actor: Anthony Cochrane

Companion Gifts: Technology > Luxury, Military Gear > Underworld Goods, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia

Age and surname suggest Lokin was born on Dromund Kaas during the pre-war years. Files acquired during Operation: Freefall reference a "Doctor E. Lokin" working as Science and Medical Advisor to Kaas City military police during this period, but no visual is provided.

First confirmed sighting was during the boarding of Imperial dreadnaught Warhammer–Lokin was one of the two individuals aboard who evaded capture. Interestingly, he was not listed in the crew roster. First identification as Fixer Fifteen came during Operation: Red Cell (see listening post transcripts). Additional sightings and references to the Fixer Fifteen designation uncovered intermittently since.

Likes: Clever solutions, long-term thinking, technology, pragmatism
Dislikes: Ideaology, honesty, selfish actions without clear long-term gain.

Image EnlargerEnsign Raina Temple (female Human) - Romance-able

  • -Planet: Quesh (Hut space, Hoth?)
  • -Companion type: Ranged Healer
  • -Armor: Medium
  • -Armament: Pistol(-s?) and Shield Generator
  • -Special:
  • -Starting Kit: Med Pack Kit
  • -Primary Stat: Cunning
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
  • -Voice Actor: Georgia Van Cuylenburg

Companion Gifts: Imperial Memorabilia > Courting > Weapon, Luxury, Republic Memorabilia

Standard searches reveal no Imperial citizenship record for a "Raina Temple," but the usual caveats apply–our data on the Imperial populace remains sadly incomplete. Temple’s skills and attitude suggest Imperial Army training, but her presence inside the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force is extremely unusual; neither the CEDF nor the Imperial military is known for its transfer programs.

Personable and bright Imperial military cadets don’t end up embedded with aliens at the far edge of the galaxy without good reason. Temple could be a plant, but it’s just as likely she’s been intentionally forced out of the picture. Best-guess personality profile suggests she’s a typically patriotic example of the rank-and-file Imperial military–a true believer in Imperial superiority and duty. No matter how easygoing or empathetic she may be at times, the needs of her nation have to come first.

Image EnlargerScorpio ("female" Droid)

  • Planet: Belsavis
  • Companion type: Ranged Tank
  • Armor: Heavy
  • Armament: Blaster Pistol and Shield generator
  • Special:
  • Starting Kit: Shield Kit
  • Primary Stat: Aim
  • Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • Primary Weapon: Electrostaff
  • Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • Voice Actor: Deborah Unger

Companion Gifts: Technology > Weapon > Military Gear, Trophy, Cultural Artifact

Claims to have been designed for heuristic self-improvement by unknown parties. Current chassis is of recent design, suggesting multiple precursor bodies or independent database.

Over a century ago, SCORPIO became involved with the Star Cabal organization and accepted guardianship of Belsavis Megasecurity Ward 23. In return for rare technology, SCORPIO willingly acted as the Star Cabal’s security system until application of control codes by Cipher Nine. Currently unable to directly harm Cipher Nine without provocation or depart Cipher Nine’s presence on a long-term basis.

Application of Wreyn-Tsatke Cyber-Psychology Scale results in a 9-NIX rating for SCORPIO (level 9 intelligence, non-human, independent, unknown) with 22% accuracy. These preliminary results match anecdotal experience–SCORPIO places no inherent value on biological or cybernetic life and is interested primarily in self-iteration through rapid experience. If given appropriate challenges and upgrade opportunities, SCORPIO may prove cooperative for limited periods. She appears to value others who share her traits–intelligence, amoral self-interest and curiosity.

Similar cybernetic personalities include Mentor (10-NCM) and G0-T9 (8-HSM)–both considered galaxy-level threats. Recommend full application of Wreyn-Tsatke Test at earliest opportunity.

Likes: learning and gaining new tech, selfishness, killing threats.
Dislikes: Self-sacrifice, duty, wastefulness

Sith Inquisitor:

Image EnlargerKhem Val - Korriban
-Melee, Vibroblade + Generator
-Heavy Armor
-Tank Companion
-Starting Kit: Shockwave
-+15 Artifice Efficiency, +5 Research Efficiency
-Primary Stat: Strength
-Secondary Stat: Endurance
-Primary Weapon: Vibrosword
-Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
-Voice Actor:

Companion Gifts: Cultural Artifact > Weapon > Trophy, Technology, Imperial Memorabilia

Once a loyal servant of the Sith Lord Tulak Hord, Khem Val was placed in a stasis chamber in the tomb of Naga Sadow centuries ago by his master for safekeeping. Tulak Hord is long dead, but Khem Val lives on; a terrifying nightmare from the ancient past.

Powerful, cunning and ruthless enough to slay even the strongest Force users, Khem Val was trained as an elite assassin. After emerging from his long slumber, the Dashade is the very embodiment of death and destruction; a reminder that there are things even Sith and Jedi must fear.

Although once pledged to a life of service, with his original master gone, it is uncertain where Khem Val’s true loyalties now lie. A near-perfect killing machine, he could prove a valuable weapon for anyone willing to take him on… though he is a weapon that can cut both ways.

Likes: Killing Force users, displays of strength, making foolish people unhappy
Dislikes: Weakness in any form, not killing Force users

Image EnlargerAndronikos Revel - Tatooine - Romance-able

  • -Ranged, Dual Blasters
  • -Medium Armor
  • -DPS Companion
  • -Starting Kit: Concussion Round
  • -+2 Slicing Critical, +2 Underworld Trading Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Cunning
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
  • -Secondary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
  • -Voice Actor: Steve Blum

Companion Gifts: Weapon > Underworld Goods, Military Gear > Luxury, Tropy, Courting

For five notorious years, the pirate Andronikos Revel terrorized Republic and Imperial space alike as the captain of the Sky Princess. Known for his sharp temper and sharper flying skills, Revel was one of the few pirate captains to serve as his own pilot.

His piracy career was cut short by a strange mutiny, however, and he was abandoned to the Imperials who had been hunting him since he’d raided a ship carrying valuable artifacts. After a year in Imperial prison, Andronikos Revel was let loose. He has been meticulously hunting and killing the mutineers who betrayed him ever since.

Likes: Action, keeping promises, complications
Dislikes: Authority, betrayal, backing down from a fight

Image EnlargerAshara Zavros - Taris - Romance-able

  • -Melee, Dual Lightsabers
  • -Medium Armor
  • -DPS Companion
  • -Starting Kit: Energy Shield
  • -+10 Synthweaving Efficiency, +10 Diplomacy Efficiency
  • -Primary Stat: Strength
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Lightsaber
  • -Secondary Weapon: Lightsaber
  • -Voice Actor: Azura Skye

Companion Gifts: Republic Memorabilia, Courting > Weapon, Military Gear, Cultural Artifact > Luxury, Underworld Goods, Imperial Memorabilia

A twenty-year-old Togruta Padawan, Ashara Zavros descends from a long line of Force users. From an early age, she has aspired to study the Force and become one of the best Jedi the order has to offer.

Ashara came to Taris to train under Jedi Masters Ryen and Ocera, whose philosophy is that Padawans best learn the travails of using the Force through firsthand experience of the galaxy. In Ashara’s case, the Masters brought her to Taris for two reasons: First, to teach her compassion amidst the destruction that had occurred there and warn against the dangers of pride and the dark side. Second, to complete her trials by helping to drive a dark ghost from the ruins of a Jedi enclave.

Likes: Rational choices, secrets of the Force, fighting bullies
Dislikes: Random cruelty, fighting Jedi

Image EnlargerTalos Drellik - Hoth - Romance-able

  • -Ranged, Blaster + Generator
  • -Medium Armor
  • -Heal Companion
  • -Starting Kit: Medkit
  • -+5 Treasure Hunting Efficiency, +5 Archaeology Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Cunning
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
  • -Secondary Weapon: Vibroknife
  • -Voice Actor: Edward Hibbard

Companion Gifts: Technology > Luxury, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia > Courting

Lieutenant Talos Drellik has never excelled as a soldier, and his true passion has always been history and archaeology. To Talos, the Imperial Reclamation Service does an invaluable job, preserving Imperial and Sith history against the onslaught of time.

Unlike many Reclamation Service officers who are career soldiers with only a passing interest in history, Lieutenant Drellik has thrown himself into his work, studying with experts in the field such as the illustrious Professor Auselio Gann and galactic historian Deravon Wells.

Image EnlargerXalek - After Voss

  • -Caster, Lightsaber + Generator
  • -Light Armor
  • -Ranged Tank Companion
  • -Starting Kit: Shockwave
  • -+10 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +2 Scavenging Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Willpower
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Polesaber
  • -Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • -Voice Actor: Tony Armatrading

Companion Gifts: Weapon, Military Gear > -- > Underworld Goods, Trophy

A Kaleesh warrior who was captured by the Empire in battle and brought to Korriban to train as a Sith, Xalek prefers to let his actions speak in place of words. Before even reaching Korriban, Xalek had killed several of his fellow slaves who were also intended for training–a bold statement by any measure.

Xalek melds his training as a Kaleesh warrior with a firm belief in the Sith Code. He kills without remorse and is an expert student of lightsaber technique and martial combat.

Likes: Following the Sith Code, fighting overwhelming odds, brevity
Dislikes: Mercy, weakness, talking

Sith Warrior:

Image EnlargerVette -Korriban (female Twilek) - Romance-able

Companion Gifts: Underworld Goods, Courting > Luxury, Cultural Artifact > Weapon, Technology, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial MemorabiliaFew people have seen as much of the galaxy as Vette and few have had as little control of their destiny. Born a slave on the occupied world of Ryloth, Vette was separated from her family at an early age and sold to a series of minor crime lords. When legendary pirate lord Nok Drayen utterly destroyed her latest owner's holdings, Vette and the other slaves were given their choice of freedom or joining up with Nok. Vette became a pirate, travelling the known worlds and learning to get in and out of places she wasn't allowed.

Years later Nok Drayen mysteriously and suddenly released all of his people from service. Vette was left on Nar Shaddaa where she joined up with other young, idealistic Twi'leks and used her criminal abilities to rob and ruin those who exploited Ryloth's cultural artifacts and people. An unquenchable spark, Vette is older than her years but far from mature, delighting in silly pranks and always ready to laugh at people who think too much of themselves.

Vette's affection rises quickly if the Sith Warrior pursues light side actions, and periodically jokes (in a friendly manner) with NPCs throughout most conversations. She also likes it when you act insolent with Darth Baras.

Image EnlargerMalavi Quinn -Balmora - Romance-able

  • -Ranged Healer
  • -Mediuma Armor
  • -Blaster Pistol and Shield Generator
  • -Default-Kit: Medikit
  • -Crew Skills: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +10 Diplomacy
  • -OfficiencyPrimary Stat: Cunning
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol
  • -Secondary Weapon: Vibroknife
  • -Voice Actor: Richard Teverson

Companion Gifts: Weapon, Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia > Luxury, Trophy, Courting

An officer in the Imperial military, Malavai Quinn is loyal to the Empire and everything it stands for: order, the glory of the Sith and the conquest of the Republic. Following his mysterious disgrace at the Battle of Druckenwell, he was stationed on Balmorra where he occasionally carried out small missions for Darth Baras (to whom he owes much of his career’s early success).

Duty-bound and honorable, Quinn is not afraid to express earned admiration for his superiors, but he is neither a bootlicker nor a mindless servant. He values competence alongside loyalty and will do whatever is necessary to thwart the enemies of the Empire as a whole and Darth Baras personally.

Likes: Patriotism to the Empire, rewarding hard work, honor
Dislikes: Selfishness, betrayal, irrational behavior

Image EnlargerJaesa Willsaam -Hutta - Romance-able

  • -Mele DPS
  • -Light Armor
  • -One-Handed or Doublebladed Lightsaber
  • -Default-Kit: Shockwave
  • -Crew Skills: +5 Archaeology Efficiency, +5 Synthweaving Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Willpower
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Polesaber
  • -Secondary Weapon: Focus
  • -Voice Actor: Rachel Leigh Cook

Companion Gifts [ DARK SIDE]: Weapon, Luxury > Trophy > Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia
Companion Gifts [LIGHT SIDE]: Cultural Artifact, Republic Memorabilia > Weapon, Military Gear, Trophy, Courting

Once in a millennium, a man or woman is born who expands the frontiers of what Force users can achieve. Proud young Jedi Padawan Jaesa Willsaam discovered the unprecedented ability to discern any being’s true nature and uncover a person’s most secret intentions. Born to a family of servants on Alderaan, she was brought to the Jedi Order and trained by Master Nomen Karr.

But Nomen Karr could only protect and shield his Padawan from the world for so long. Through the machinations of Darth Baras, Jaesa was drawn away from the protection of the order and confronted by Baras’s own apprentice–and with the emotional instability of her Master.

Having finally witnessed the Jedi Order’s weakness and the dark side’s true power, Jaesa embraces the Sith path with reckless abandon. She now knows that the only truth-inducing force in the galaxy is fear.

Likes: Random cruelty, secrets of the Force, murder and chaos
Dislikes: Honor, mercy, helping people

Image EnlargerLieutenant Pierce -Taris - Romance-able

  • -Ranged Tank
  • -Heavy armor
  • -Blasterpistol/Rifel and Shield Generator
  • -Default Kit: Grenade
  • -Crew Skills: +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +2 Research Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Aim
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Blaster Rifle or Blaster Pistol
  • -Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • -Voice Actor: Adam Leadbeater

Companion Gifts: Weapon, Military Gear > -- > Technology, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia

While few who are not Force sensitive in the Empire have any choice but to join the military, Lieutenant Pierce joined eagerly–not out of a sense of duty but out of a lust for action. In fact, although his soldiering and his bravery are beyond question, Pierce has faced resistance and scrutiny throughout his military career due to his occasionally reckless attitude and his disdain for authority.

Fortunately, Pierce’s years in military black operations groups kept him away from the stuffier elements of the military hierarchy. Very often, Pierce is assigned to the most dangerous and far-flung worlds, where the Empire’s primary goal is destruction–which suits the lieutenant just fine.

Likes: Personal gain, hurting the Republic, danger and laughing at authority
Dislikes: Rules, kissing up, peace

Image EnlargerBroonmark -Hoth

  • -Melee Tank
  • -Heavy Armor
  • -Vibroswoard Shield Generator
  • -Default Kit: Energy Shield
  • -Crew Skills: +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Bioanalysis Critical
  • -Primary Stat: Strength
  • -Secondary Stat: Endurance
  • -Primary Weapon: Vibrosword
  • -Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator
  • -Voice Actor:

Companion Gifts: Weapon, Trophy > Technology, Republic Memorabilia > Military Gear, Cultural Artifact, Imperial Memorabilia

Broonmark is a unique creature among the Talz. While his peers spent their youths learning survival skills and playing on the frozen tundra of Alzoc Three, Broonmark developed a fascination with death. As a child, Broonmark watched his father killed by one of Alzoc Three’s predators, and instead of sadness, Broonmark felt only shame at his father’s weakness. Violence became an obsession and point of pride for Broonmark; he started hunting in secret and lived for the rush of a kill.

When the Republic began recruiting Talz for their elite commando units, Broonmark eagerly volunteered for the chance to turn his claws against more challenging prey. But with each kill, Broonmark’s desire for carnage and bloodshed intensified. His clan soon challenged his brutal leadership, and Broonmark watched in anger as the gentle Talz he fought to empower mutinied against him.

Likes: Violence as a solution, testing yourself, protecting those close to you
Dislikes: Betrayal of allies, inaction, talking things out

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