Game Update 3.1: Conflict On Rishi Patch Notes

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BioWare posted the patch notes for Game update 3.1 as they are on the public est servers right now.  All content and features listed in the preliminary Patch Notes are not final and are subject to change.
With it Tait Watson, posted a lengthy forum post you can read below the patch notes.

Game Update 3.1: Conflict On Rishi

Game Update 3.1: Conflict On Rishi


Ranked Warzone Arena Season 4 has begun! Get in there and go berserk! Season 3 leaderboards have been archived.

New Legacy Unlock – Improved Mounting! You can now summon any vehicle or creature mount while moving!

New Hard Mode Flashpoints! Hard Mode Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi are now available through Group Finder in the Hard Mode Flashpoint category at level 60.

The Gray Secant has returned from its travels! Participate in the Relics of the Gree event from February 24th at 12:00 GMT to March 3rd at 12:00 GMT.


  • Ship Droids can now equip 1-Handed Blaster Pistols in their Main Hand.
  • Hard Mode Battle of Rishi and Blood Hunt have been added to the Mission “[WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts.”
  • The following exit points have been added to Guild Flagships:
    • Republic: Yavin 4: Coalition Staging
    • Republic: Rishi: Raider’s Cove
    • Republic: Rishi: Blaster’s Path Cantina
    • Imperial: Rishi: Blaster’s Path Cantina
  • Fixed an issue where players were not getting their Utility Points reset when the data had changed, resulting in players not always meeting the criteria for the Utility set up they have.
  • The Achievements for killing Commander Mokan now have a proper icon.
  • The BH-7X Custom Hunter vehicle now correctly banks into turns.

Cartel Market

  • Corrected the jet pack animation locations on Shae Vizla’s Chestguard.
  • Selecting the “Bright Yellow Eyes” option in Character Creation or the Appearance Designer no longer makes it impossible to make further changes.
  • The Dathomir Shaman’s Hood now appears properly when equipped or previewed.

Classes + Combat

Jedi Knight

  • Fixed a bug with Soresu Form that caused abilities’ damage to drop by 20% instead of 10%.


  • Dust Storm now additionally increases Blade Storm damage by 40%.
  • Pacification now increases Force Sweep damage by 75% (up from 65%) and the critical strike chance of Cyclone Slash and Master Strike by 30% (up from 20% and 0%, respectively).
  • Warding Power now additionally increases Warding Strike damage by 15%.
  • Lunge has been redesigned: While Soresu Form is active, Riposte is off the global cooldown and costs 1 less focus.
  • Warding Call now has a subtle, persisting visual appearance while the effect is active on the Guardian.

Sith Warrior

  • Fixed a bug with Soresu Form that caused abilities’ damage to drop by 20% instead of 10%.


  • Quake now additionally increases Force Scream damage by 40%.
  • Heavy Handed now increases Smash damage by 75% (up from 65%) and the critical strike chance of Sweeping Slash and Ravage by 30% (up from 20% and 0%, respectively).
  • Consuming Power now additionally increases Aegis Assault damage by 15%.
  • Lash Out has been redesigned: While Soresu Form is active, Retaliation is off the global cooldown and costs 1 less rage


Jedi Consular
Kinetic Combat

  • In addition to its previous effects, Double-bladed Saber Tactics now increases the damage dealt by Force Breach by 75% whenever you successfully shield, parry, or deflect an attack. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and does not stack.
  • Changed the name of “Double-bladed Saber Defense” to “Double-bladed Saber Tactics” to better fit the new additions to the skill.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Cascading Debris.
  • Force Break now increases the damage dealt by Force Breach by 30% (up from 15%).

Shadow’s Respite now properly gives a 50% Force Bonus after stealth ends.

  • Jedi Consular trainers on Balmorra, Taris, Nar Shadda, and Hoth now properly display Sage abilities.

Sith Inquisitor

  • In addition to its previous effects, Lightning Reflexes now increases the damage dealt by Discharge by 75% whenever you successfully shield, parry, or deflect an attack. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and does not stack.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by Depredating Volts.
  • Mounting Darkness now increases the damage dealt by Discharge by 30% (up from 15%).

Improved the visual effects for Vital Shot, especially when dual wielding Blaster Pistols.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Sanguinary Shot to deal damage twice.

Imperial Agent

  • Interrogation Probe no longer flies away while the damaging effect remains on a target. Instead, it now fades out when the effect ends.

Flashpoints + Operations
Temple of Sacrifice

  • Players no longer receive “Out of Range” errors when attacking The Underlurker, and the Devastation mechanic now functions more reliably.
  • Malaphar the Savage now allows a grace period before using Frustrated Howl.

The Ravagers

  • The Repair Droids present during the Torque encounter now have more health in Story Mode.
  • The damage of Torque’s Floor Vents have been reduced for 16-Player Story Mode.
  • The Shoots Lasers droids now more accurately target and destroy the Repair Droids deployed during the Torque encounter.


  • Players will now get a warning if they pull the Ancient Threat close to its combat reset range while in combat.
  • Ancient Threat’s Force Whisper and Force Silence now have the correct dispel types in the debuff tooltip.
  • All units of the Lance Squadron on Yavin 4 now have boss immunity.


  • The Demolition Probes during M2-AUX Foreman’s encounter in Hard Mode Depths of Manaan now center the damage radius on the probe instead of the player who triggered the detonation.

Items + Economy

  • Self-Perpetuating Power Cells have replaced Synthetic Energy Matrix as a crafting material required to craft Dark Projects.
  • One of the duplicate M1-4X’s Defense Gear Lockboxes has been renamed to SCORPIO’s Defense Gear Lockbox. The newly named SCORPIO’s Defense Gear Lockbox has had its requirement changed to SCORPIO.
  • The icon for the Rishi reputation item “Raider’s Cove Saber” now looks more like its description.
  • Following items have had their stats corrected:
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Gloves
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s System
    • Devoted Allies Assault Focus
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Vestments
    • Devoted Allies Force-lord’s Relay
  • Fixed backside cloth stretching issue on Trooper Massassi, Yavin MK-1, Resurrected, and Rishi Maze MK-2 chest armor.
  • Fixed hair clipping issues with the Yavin MK-1 helmet.
  • The Kurtob Alliance speeder has had its item icon, name, and description fixed, and it now appears correctly in the Stronghold Decorations list.

Missions + NPCs

  • The Missions “[WEEKLY] The Ravagers” and “[WEEKLY] Temple of Sacrifice” are now shareable.
  • The GSI Combat Support Droid now correctly exits combat when entering stealth mode during Solo Flashpoints.


  • Huttball Fire Trap damage is no longer mitigated by damage reduction for level 55+ characters, effectively reducing the number of hits required to kill a player.

Hey everyone,

One of the things that many people have asked for is a better look into what’s coming up. Outside of Bug Report replies and the maintenance messaging synopsis, you don’t really get a full picture of what’s coming in upcoming patches until the Patch Notes go live the day before. I wanted to change this and give you insight into what you can expect in the next week’s patch earlier. This is part of our continued effort to be more communicative of upcoming changes and content. However, we do realize that having information early and then subsequently having it change can cause friction, so if we find that t-he constant changes to the patches are causing more harm than good due to releasing the information early, we will stop posting preliminary notes. This is an experiment, and we’ll see how it goes.

There are a lot of stipulations that come with this, however. While we definitely want to get this information out to you, we can also see how this information can cause problems when things that are listed don’t make it into the patch (or, on the opposite side of the coin, when the preliminary notes don’t list something you expected/wanted to be in the patch). As such, I’ve compiled some answers to questions that I think may come up, either now or when the final notes are published:

  1. Why isn’t X BUG listed in the preliminary notes? This is a comprehensive list of what is coming in this patch, but in no way reflects what is being worked on or is known. That said, the notes are subject to change as more bug fixes are finalized – the final “bug scrape” happens later in the week, before the notes are finalized.
  2. Why was X BUG from the preliminary notes removed? The notes are subject to change, and it probably failed QA and had to be looked at again. This happens from time to time, and those fixes are generally moved to the next patch.
  3. Why isn’t X BUG fixed in either set of notes? Since we can’t get every bug into a patch, every team has to prioritize bugs, and sometimes that means bugs have to be pushed to the other patches. The same team doesn’t fix every bug, which is why bug fixes can range in severity. As mentioned before, a lack of fix does not indicate that the bug isn’t being actively worked on.

I do want to reiterate that the notes are subject to change. This doesn’t mean that stuff will only be removed – things are added the Friday before a patch goes out all the time. Due to the nature of how patches change, though, the preliminary notes won’t be updated as things are added/removed – the final notes will reflect the final patch. I know it sounds like I am harping on the notes changing a lot, and that’s on purpose. This is the main concern we have about releasing this information early – that it will mislead people into thinking this is in any way a guarantee. It’s not. In fact, it will very likely change. I’d say they have about a 98% chance to change.

Without further ado, if you accept that these notes are very likely to change, open up the spoiler tag and enjoy!