2.1.1 Patch Notes – 5/30/2013

swtor patch notes

As mentioned yesterday, BioWare will be taking down the servers and apply game update 2.1.1.

Below are the patch notes:


Cartel Market


      • Dye Modules can now be applied to the Gold Scalene Armor Set.

New Items

Returning Items


      • The Huttsbane Armor Set is now discounted by 50%. Cost: 450 Cartel Coins
      • The Black Market Cartel Pack is now discounted by 20%. Cost: 144 Cartel Coins
      • The following Cartel Packs are now discounted by 20%. Cost: 288 Cartel Coins
        • Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack
        • Blockade Runner’s Cartel Pack
        • Skip Tracer’s Cartel Pack
        • Space Pirate’s Cartel Pack
      • The following Hypercrates are now discounted by 40%. Cost: 5184 Cartel Coins
        • Hypercrate: Crime Lord’s Cartel Packs
        • Hypercrate: Blockade Runner’s Cartel Packs
        • Hypercrate: Skip Tracer’s Cartel Packs
        • Hypercrate: Space Pirate’s Cartel Packs

Bug Fixes

    • The French version of the tooltip for White Glowing Eyes now correctly indicates that the unlock applies only to the Human Species.


    • Characters that have changed their name are now able to receive a whisper or invite without first logging out to Character Select.
    • The welcome mail for Rise of the Hutt Cartel now includes a note about potential spoilers if players begin the Makeb storyline prior to completing the Chapter 3 story arc.

Appearance Designer

        • Jedi Consulars, Sith Inquisitors, and Sith Warriors who change their body type will no longer have their idle stance temporarily changed to the Jedi Knight stance.
        • The duplicate scar option for female Ratattaki Sith Inquisitors has been restored to prevent issues with the Appearance Designer.

Classes and Combat

Jedi Knight

          • Dispatch now deals damage at the appropriate time, coinciding with the Lightsaber‘s appearance.
            • Certain rest items (such as Carbonite Chamber) no longer allow Contemplation to continue to build Centering after the rest channel is interrupted.

Sith Warrior

            • Certain rest items (such as Carbonite Chamber) no longer allow Brooding to continue to build Fury after the rest channel is interrupted.
            • Dark Blood now increases internal and elemental damage reduction by 2.5% per point (up from 2%).

Jedi Consular

            • Concentration now properly increases Force regeneration on the first charge.
Balance (Sage)

Sith Inquisitor

            • Lightning Effusion now correctly reduces the cost of Force attacks instead of reducing the cost of all Force abilities.
            • Subversion now properly increases Force regeneration on the first charge.
Madness (Sorcerer)
            • Focal Lightning now grants stacks appropriately when only one skill point is applied.

Imperial Agent

          • Orbital Strike now causes significantly less knockback on Standard and Weak enemies, and the duration of the knock down stun has been increased such that enemies will not be able to attack in between blasts.

Bounty Hunter

          • Death from Above now knocks enemies down in their current position, making it easier to keep targets inside the blast radius.
            • Emergency Scan no longer improperly consumes Thermal Sensor Override.


          • Mortar Volley now knocks enemies down in their current position, making it easier to keep targets inside the blast radius.
Assault Specialist (Vanguard)
            • Assault Trooper now properly grants bonus critical damage to Ion Pulse, as the tooltip for the skill claims.

Companion Characters



        • Players no longer receive mail from Vector that alludes to a companion which has not yet joined the Imperial Agent story.

Crew Skills

Crafting Skills

          • Tooltips for Crafted Dye Modules now correctly indicate that they can be removed but will be destroyed upon extraction.
          • Tooltips for Crafted Dye Modules now display color details.
          • Nano-Infused Absorb Adrenal now increases Absorb and Shield rating by 500.

Mission Skills

          • Tier 10 Wealthy Mission Items no longer have duplicate icons within the same Crew Skill.
Underworld Trading


      • The Turncoat Armor Set has been added to Collections tracking.
      • The Gree Solus Mount has been added to Collections tracking.
      • Color Crystals that are equipped in items no longer need to be removed to be tracked in Collections.
      • Re-usable items that are already bound to a player (such as Holostatues and Founder’s Medal) are now be tracked properly in Collections.

Flashpoints and Operations



Mandalorian Raiders
          • Players are no longer able to defeat Gil without being attacked by jumping onto the shuttle docked near the encounter.


Explosive Conflict
Karagga’s Palace
          • Players are now appropriately granted the “Unyielding” Title upon completing Nightmare Mode in less than 2 hours. Players who earned the Achievement without being given the Title will need to complete the Operation again to be given the Title.
Scum & Villainy
          • Turrets no longer spawn after Thrasher has been defeated.
          • While queued for Nightmare Mode, Group Finder no longer places players into an incorrectly-designated Hard Mode for this Operation. Nightmare Mode has not been implemented.

Galactic Solutions Industries

      • Seeker Droid Deployment Boosts now properly removes the activation time from the Seeker Droid.
      • Players no longer receive an incorrect error message when attempting to use a Seeker Droid while in Cover.

Items and Economy


        • Black Market and Verpine offhand weapons are now be designated as MK-1 or MK-2 where appropriate.
        • The color tooltip for the Dark Green and White Dye Module now displays the correct shade of green.
        • Pre-Game Update 2.0 gear that had the same set bonuses (or affected the same abilities) as Post-2.0 gear no longer stacks the bonus effects. The first set bonus placed on the character will take affect but the second one will not.
        • Tooltips for single color Dye Modules now display color details.
        • Increased the stats for the Verpine Targeter’s Tech’s Offhand Blaster to the appropriate level.
        • All Dreadguard Relic stats and abilities now match the power level they had prior to Game Update 2.0.
        • The MCR-100 Droid is no longer invisible when summoned.
        • The chests in the Outlaw’s Den on Tattooine no longer have a chance of granting Recruit Gear.
        • Jawagrams now display the correct error message when attempting to use them in Warzones.
        • Players now receive a warning when extracting a modification that will bind the item to the player.
        • Purchasing Commendations while over the currency cap no longer takes away the cost without providing the purchased Commendations.



General Achievements

        • Invalid bonus objectives have been removed from the following Space Combat missions, allowing for their associated Space Combat Mastery Achievements to be obtained:
          • Archenar Interception
          • Makem Te Assault
          • Impossible Sector
          • Syvris Evacuation
          • Pakuuni Defense
          • Llanic Station Strike
          • Drexel Sweep
          • Zosha Advance
          • Kalee Fortification
        • The “Praxon Collector” Achievement can now be completed.
        • The “Loyalty to the Sith Warrior” Achievement no longer requires Sith Warriors to gain maximum affection with Jaesa Willsaam; the Achievement is now granted for maximizing affection with Vette, Broonmark, Lt. Pierce, and Malavai Quinn.
        • Sith Warriors are no longer required to maximize affection with both Light side and Dark side Jaesa Willsaam to complete her section under the “Companions” category.
        • Players who have completed the “MCR-99” Achievement now receive the MCR-100 Droid minipet reward via in-game mail.

Enemy Achievements

        • The Achievement for defeating Elite Republic enemies on Ilum is now titled “Tyrant of Ilum.””
        • The “Tyrant of Ilum” Achievement can now be completed, as the Kaleesh Overseer, Republic Field Officer and Talz Strategist enemies are no longer required.
        • The Achievement for defeating Elite Imperial enemies on Ilum is now correctly titled “Liberator of Ilum.”
        • The “Liberator of Ilum” Achievement can now be completed, as the Imperial Field Officer enemy is no longer required.
        • The “Taris Lizard Hunter (Imperial)” Achievement now grants as intended when players defeat 100 lizard-based beasts.
        • The “Tyrant of Balmorra” Achievement can now be completed, as it now updates as intended when players defeat the Ferocious Swoopstalker.
        • The “Dewback Domination” Achievement can now be completed. The Siltroamer Dewback is no longer required, and players now need to defeat Aggressive Dewbacks on Tattooine to complete the Achievement.
        • Removed the “Defeating Acidstalker” Achievement from the Taris “World Bosses” category.
        • The “Big Game Hunter” Achievement can now be completed, as it no longer lists “Defeating Acidstalker” as a requirement.

Exploration and Lore Achievements

          • Planet Exploration Achievements now display the Macrobinoculars requirements, which were previously hidden.
          • The “Imperial Explorer of Balmorra” Achievement can now be completed.
          • The “Loremaster of Nar Shaddaa” Achievement can now be completed, as it no longer requires lore objects which cannot be found. Players who have already met all requirements will automatically be granted the Achievement.
          • Players who have started or completed the Makeb mission “The Monstrous Mesa of Solida Hesk” now receive the proper Codex entry entitled “Operational Briefing: Makeb Strike Team” which counts towards the completion of the “Loremaster of Makeb” Achievement.

– The “Explorer of Ilum” Achievement can now be completed.

Flashpoint and Operation Achievements

        • Players who defeat the Rakghoul Behemoth in Story Mode for the Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint will no longer receive both the Hard Mode and Story Mode Achievements.
        • The Achievement to defeat Annihilator 6K-A2 in the Colicoid Wargames Flashpoint will now be correctly granted.
        • The “Surviving Karagga (Nightmare Mode)” Achievement is now correctly granted only after players have completed the entire Operation.
        • Players are now granted the proper Achievements upon defeating the Ancient Pylons and the Infernal Council in all 16-Player Hard and Nightmare Modes of Eternity Vault.
        • Players now granted the proper Achievement upon defeating the Firebrand and Stormcaller Tanks in all difficulty modes of Explosive Conflict.

Missions and NPCs


        • New Feature! Mission rewards for experience points, credits, and items can now be viewed in the Mission Log! Alignment points, social points, and companion affection will continue to be displayed only upon mission completion.
        • The following missions now provide significantly improved item rewards:
          • Call to Arms
          • The Jedi Prisoner
          • Ilum Under Siege
          • An Empire Betrayed
          • Trouble in the Tion Hegemony
          • Outbreak in the Tion Hegemony
          • Endless Horrors
          • Journey to the Belsavis Depths
          • Hutt Hospitality
          • Explosive Conflict
          • Ancient Allies
          • New Frontiers
          • The Legions of Scum and Villainy
Macrobinoculars/Seeker Droid Missions
          • All the Pieces: The IR-52 Airborne Assault Droids now attack players as intended and no longer require provocation.
          • No Place Left to Hide: The conversation for the mission step “Trace Lord Tagriss’s Holocall” no longer starts until all group members have indicated they are ready.
          • Uprooting the Last Seed (Republic)/The Alchemy of Evil (Imperial): Players can no longer use abilities while carrying the Power Cell on the mission step “Survive the Corrupted Onslaught.” The Pcell’s tooltip has been updated to inform players that it will explode if an ability is used.
          • Uprooting the Last Seed (Republic)/The Alchemy of Evil (Imperial): Updated the Light Side and Dark Side options to be made when recovering the final seed on Ilum.
          • The Shroud Revealed (Republic)/The Shroud’s Last Stand (Imperial): If players are in a group, the mission step “Defeat the Shroud’s Replicator Droids” will now progress if Replicator Droids are defeated by a group member who is not currently on this mission.
          • The Shroud Revealed (Republic)/The Shroud’s Last Stand (Imperial): Players are no longer able to be pulled beneath the floor during the final encounter.
          • The Shroud Revealed (Republic)/The Shroud’s Last Stand (Imperial): Players who are hit with the GT-33 Repair Drone’s self-destruct ability will no longer be killed by fall damage.
          • The Shroud Revealed (Republic)/The Shroud’s Last Stand (Imperial): Players no longer able to get stuck inside of The Shroud’s shield bubble after being hit by his knockback.
Galactic Solutions Industries Missions
            • Warped to the Core: Players who are wearing the Anti Tox Respiration Helmet while outside of the mission phase will no longer experience Death by Irradiation.
World Missions
            • Operation Shatterstorm (Imperial): The Bonus Mission objective to “Enter Talz Command Center” will now update properly when players enter the mission phase.
            • A World Aflame (Imperial): Updated the journal entry to add information on the step “Defeat the Defense Droids.”
            • Countdown to Doomsday (Imperial): The voice for Darth Marr’s Bodyguard is no longer distorted as though he is wearing a helmet.
            • Counterstrike (Republic): Updated journal entries to add information on two mission steps.
            • The Observer: While on the step “Take the Shuttle to the Third Eye,” Imperial players will now need to click on the terminal instead of the shuttle itself to travel.
            • Operation: Overwatch (Republic): Scanning the Drilling Beams now displays proper UI elements and data text.
            • Probes of Perekta: The cinematic for Quake Shelter B has been updated to prevent Companion Characters from obstructing the player’s view.
            • Taking on Toborro (Republic): Toborro can no longer be affected by Glittering Fury’s Megaton Annihilation Heat Laser.
            • A Long Forgotten Evil (Imperial): The encounter with Sel Makor has been reduced in difficulty.
Class Missions
Jedi Knight
Sith Warrior
            • Contact Made: The Galaxy Map now properly directs players who are on the step “Travel to Balmorra.””
            • The Final Piece: Companions can now be summoned and behave properly while in the Star of Coruscant.


        • Added name plates to NPCs who are standing with General Wendin in the Senate Tower on Coruscant.
        • Players should no longer see invisible NPCs on Balmorra named “MAES Master Controller””.
        • Enemies on Makeb who are idling with accessories like toolboxes, spades, communicators etc will no longer keep them in their hand when attacked.
        • Makeb NPCs will now display the appropriate mission symbols for Republic players.



        • PvP Relics will no longer stack procs if a character is wearing both the Partisan and Conqueror versions.
        • Players guarded during PvP encounters no longer remain in combat longer than intended when the guarding player continues to engage in combat while the guarded player retreats and disengages from combat.


          • The Overcharge Power buff no longer states that it increases defense.



        • Abilities from the Class, Advanced Class, and Legacy sections of the Abilities Window will no longer be duplicated in the General section.
        • Expiring buffs and debuffs on the Operations Frame will be replaced by another buff or debuff if the character currently has more than the four being shown.
        • Added missing mapnotes for NPCs in the Loading Ring area of Makeb.
        • Player portraits now update properly when the player changes their force alignment tier or toggles the “Show Dark Side Corruption” option.
        • Players who exceed currency limits now receive appropriate warning messages.
        • All Class Stories are now visible at Character Creation in the French and German versions.
        • The Codex Entry for Darth Acina now correctly refers to her predecessor as Darth Karrid.
        • The PvP Queue Window now provides Warzone Information in French and German versions.

Tutorials and Tooltips

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

    • Corrected typos and grammar in the Dye Modules Tutorial.
    • Fixed a rare case where players would be asked to activate a character multiple times if that character had been renamed due to server merges.