Game Update 4.1: Anarchy in Paradise Patch Notes

Tomorrow guys. Tomorrow the new game update for Star Wars: The old Republic goes live. Check out the patch notes below:

Game Update 4.1: Anarchy in Paradise Patch Notes


Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise! Continue the Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline with a new Chapter featuring the infamous mercenary Firebrand! Players who were subscribed on February 1st have immediate access to this new Chapter, and it will be available for all other subscribers on Thursday, February 11th.

New Alliance Alert: Arma Rasa! Players who were subscribed on January 11th will find a new Alliance Alert on February 9th which will enable them to acquire the recently-restored HK-55!

New Alliance Alert: Little Boss! Help Blizz and his new crew defeat a rival gang to bring him into your Alliance!

Crafting Update! With the release of 4.0 we made a pass at focusing and streamlining Crew Skills and with 4.1 we are continuing this effort. Higher Skill, new Materials, Schematics, Missions and more! See below for the full rundown.


  • Increased the item stack limit to 9,999 units.
  • Increased the max grass render distance to 200 meters (up from 64). This setting can be adjusted via a new slider found in the Graphics settings.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain items not appear on the Galactic Trade Network when searching by item name.
  • Revised all Speeder Piloting items to require Level 1 instead of Level 10.
  • Players are now able to purchase items from a vendor that require a token when that token is in the player’s cargo hold.
  • Class Companions recruited through Knights of the Fallen Empire content now properly transition into and out of their holo state when placed as a Decoration and then summoned.
  • Duels now end as intended instead of leaving the players in a duel-flagged purgatory, doomed to battle for all eternity.
  • The Knights of the Fallen Empire Tutorial now shows the correct Chapter I image, and is correctly translated in French and German clients.
  • Corrected an issue that caused certain Marriages to not be acknowledged. This fix will not work retroactively and provide the missed in-game mail, but any future content will work correctly.
  • Players can no longer toggle off the “Dusted with Snowflakes” buff that is received when hit with a Snowball.
  • Added cooldown timers to the description of “Snowball Bomb” and “Snowball Cannon.”
  • “Snowball Cannon” now properly reflects the granting of parcels during the Life Day event.
  • Updated the Crew Skill Trainers tutorial to reflect that you need to press the B key to open the Crew Management panel.
  • The Codex Entry for Sith Spawn is now available upon completion of the Mission [HEROIC 2+] Shadow Spawn.

Cartel Market

  • Minas Wasp Collection information now mentions the Flourish animation for this vehicle.
  • The Dasta Titan and Dasta Colossus speeders are now more audible.


Jedi Knight

  • Force Stasis may now be activated without a melee weapon equipped.


  • The effect tooltip that appears when Hand of Justice is triggered now appropriately states that the next Dispatch will consume no focus.

Sith Warrior

  • Force Choke may now be activated without a melee weapon equipped.


  • The effect granted by Slaughter now lasts up to 15 seconds (down from 18 seconds). This matches the duration of the equivalent Combat Sentinel skill, Hand of Justice.

Bounty Hunter


  • Improved the visual appearance of Plasmatize on large, non-humanoid targets.

Crew Skills


  • Maximum Crafting Skills have been increased to 550 (up from 500).
  • New Grade 9 Materials are now available for all Skills.
  • A new Crew Skill vendor on both fleets now trades Grade 9 Materials for their comparable Grade 8 Materials at a 1:1 ratio. This new vendor is temporary and will be removed with Game Update 4.2 (Chapter XI).
  • New Grade 9 Schematics are now available for all Skills.
  • New Grade 9 Missions are now available for all Skills.
  • New harvesting nodes are now available for all Skills.
  • All crafted Color Crystals have had their level requirements removed.
  • Expertise Color Crystals can no longer be trained, and they are now sold directly from the “PvP Items” Vendor on either Fleet.
  • Numerous items that previously required Grade 8 Materials now require Grade 9 Materials.
  • Grade 9 Materials have been added to the Jawa Scrap Vendors.
  • All existing 208 Rating crafted items have been increased to Artifact Quality and their Item Rating has been increased from 208 to 212. Stat configurations have been unchanged, but the values have been increased.
  • Crafting 212, 216 and 220 items now requires Grade 9 Materials. As the Item Rating has increased, there will be an additional Grade 9 Artifact Quality Material cost for the 212 items.
  • 200 & 208 Rating Augments are now part of Grade 9, and the following adjustments have been made:
  • All Existing MK-8 and Unassigned Augment Slots are now MK-9 Augment Slots. These are specifically the slots that are created when you use an Augment Kit on an item.
  • Rating 200 & 208 Augments now require an MK-9 Augment Slot.
  • All Rating 200 & 208 Augments now require Grade 9 Materials to craft.
  • MK-8 Augment Kits can temporarily be traded for MK-9 Augment Kits from the new Crew Skill vendor on either Fleet.
  • The Crafting Skill required to craft these Augments has remained unchanged.
  • Grade 5 Modifications now give MK-5 Augment Slots when Reverse Engineered.
  • War supplies now require Components to craft instead of the individual Materials.
  • A new version of War Supplies has been added to the Crafting Trainers that cost Grade 8 & Grade 9 Components.
  • In order to resolve cases of players getting more materials from disassembling items than it took to craft them, the amount of Crafting Materials received from disassembling has been reduced.
  • Level 61-65 Creatures and Droids now provide Grade 9 Materials when harvested.
  • The harvesting node “Inert Growth” now correctly provides Bioanalysis Materials.
  • Materials are now received when Reverse Engineering randomly dropped items.
  • Hilt Modifications now have the correct GTN category.
  • Items that have a 20-40% chance to Reverse Engineer a schematic now have a 60% chance.
  • Numerous Crafting Missions have had their text updated to be Faction-neutral.
  • The following items now correctly provide Grade 8 materials when disassembled:
    • Advanced Alacrity Augment 36
    • Alacrity Augment 36
  • Reverse Engineering the following items now correctly unlocks the appropriate Artifact Quality Schematic:
    • Alacrity Augment 25
    • Redoubt Augment 25
  • The following crafting Materials now correctly state their grade number:
    • Fibrous Nylite Solution
    • Thermoionic Gel Suspension
    • Demicot Silk
    • Brocart Filaments
    • Zeyd-cloth
    • Corundum Powder
    • Cortosis Substrate

Crafting Crew Skill Changes

  • New Grade 9 Armor Assembly Component.
  • New Rating 200 & 208 Armor.
  • New MK-9 Augment Kit.
  • Rating 200 & 208 Endurance Armorings.


  • New Grade 9 Synth Bonded Attachment.
  • New Rating 200 & 208 Armor.
  • New MK-9 Augment Kit.
  • Rating 200 & 208 Mastery Armorings.
  • All Bonded Attachments can now be disassembled.
  • All Crafted Synthweaving Items of Rating 216 and 220 now appropriately require the Grade 8 Artifact Quality Underworld Fabric Veda Cloth instead of Saava Silk.
  • All Synthweaving Critical Augments that previously had Power, now correctly have Critical Rating. This only affects Augments #1-26.


  • New Grade 9 Arms Assembly
  • New Rating 200 & 208 Weapons & Offhands.
  • New MK-9 Augment Kit.
  • Rating 200 & 208 Barrels.
  • Several Armstech Items have had their slicing crafting material requirement corrected to be the correct grade:
    • Permacrete Onslaught Blaster Pistol
    • Permacrete Onslaught Blaster Rifle
    • Permacrete Onslaught Sniper Rifle
    • Permacrete Onslaught Shotgun
    • Permacrete Onslaught Vibroknife
    • Ultrachrome Asylum Blaster Pistol
    • Ultrachrome Asylum Blaster Rifle
    • Ultrachrome Onslaught Blaster Pistol
    • Verpine Onslaught Shotgun
    • Verpine Asylum Blaster Pistol
    • Verpine Asylum Blaster Rifle
    • Plexisteel Onslaught Blaster Pistol
    • Plexisteel Onslaught Assault Cannon
    • Plexisteel Onslaught Blaster Rifle
    • Plexisteel Onslaught Sniper Rifle
    • Plexisteel Onslaught Shotgun
    • Plexisteel Onslaught Vibroknife
    • Laminasteel Asylum Blaster Pistol
    • Laminasteel Asylum Blaster Rifle
    • Laminasteel Onslaught Vibroknife
    • Ceraglass Onslaught Sniper Rifle
    • Ceraglass Asylum Blaster Pistol
    • Ceraglass Asylum Blaster Rifle
    • Polyfibe Asylum Blaster Pistol
    • Polyfibe Asylum Blaster Rifle


  • New Grade 9 Artifice Bonded Attachment
  • New Rating 200 & 208 Weapons
  • New Rating 200 & 208 Off-hands
  • Rating 200 & 208 Hilts
  • New Rating 200 & 208 Relics
  • New Dye Modules
  • New Color Crystals
  • Can now only craft Rating 136 (+41 stat) Crystals. All other Crystal Schematics have been moved to the Archive section.
  • All blue, red, yellow, green, and orange Crystals and Schematics have been removed from vendors. They are now trainable from the Artifice trainer at the following Grades:
    • Grade 1: Blue Crystal
    • Grade 2: Red Crystal
    • Grade 3: Yellow Crystal
    • Grade 4: Green Crystal
    • Grade 5: Orange Crystal
  • All crafted color crystals have had their costs adjusted to the appropriate Grade. The Slicing Material cost has been replaced with Treasure Hunting Materials.
  • Expertise Color Crystals are no longer trainable.
  • The following Color Crystal Schematics have had their skill requirement reduced to skill level 350:
    • White-Purple-Blue
    • White-Yellow-Orange
  • New rating 212 Relics can now be crafted by Artificers
  • All crafted Color Crystals can now be disassembled for crafting materials.
  • All Artifact Quality Artifice Hilts now require Artifact Quality Slicing Materials instead of Artifact Quality Treasure Hunting Materials.
  • The Defiant Relic of Devastating Vengeance MK-1 no longer fails to craft.


  • New Grade 9 Cyber Assembly Component.
  • New Rating 200 & 208 Earpieces.
  • Rating 200 & 208 Mods & Enhancements.
  • New Grade 9 Grenades.
  • Grenades are now consistently crafted in stacks of 4.
  • The skill required to craft V-6 Seismic Grenade has increased to 360.
  • The skill required to craft Advanced V-6 Seismic Grenade has been decreased to 360.
  • Grenade skill levels have been made more consistent. Prototype and Artifact quality grenades now have the same skill requirement.
  • It is now possible to disassemble the V-6 Electro-Stun Grenade.
  • Grade 8 Grenades now provide materials when disassembled.
  • The following missing Cybertech enhancements are now trainable:
    • Sturdiness Enhancement 36
    • Steadfast Enhancement 36
    • Immunity Enhancement 36
    • Adept Enhancement 36
    • Battle Enhancement 36
    • Initiative Enhancement 36
    • Acute Enhancement 36
    • Insight Enhancement 36
    • Vigilant Enhancement 36
    • Quick Savant Enhancement 36


  • New Grade 9 Cell Graft.
  • New Rating 200 & 208 Implants.
  • New Grade 9 Stimpaks, Adrenals, & Medpacks.
  • A new Grade 9 Accuracy Stimpack is now trainable. This Stimpack grants Accuracy and Critical Rating.
  • All existing Shield/Absorb Adrenals have changed. They now grant a shield that absorbs 20% of damage, up to a set amount of damage, for 15 seconds. The shield ends either when the damage threshold is reached, or after 15 seconds.
  • The following Biochem items now require the appropriate grade 7 materials to craft:
    • Prototype Nano-Infused Med Unit
    • Prototype Nano-Infused Medpac
  • Disassembling Command and Fortitude Stimpaks now provides Grade-appropriate Materials.
  • Grade 8 Presence Stim has been added to the Biochem Trainer.
  • Crafting times for Grades 1-7 Presence and Endurance Stimpacks have been increased to match the Power Stimpack.
  • The following Biochem items now have an appropriate artifact material cost:
    • Autoimmune Adept Package
    • Autoimmune Bastion Package
    • Autoimmune Bulwark Package
    • Autoimmune Initiative Package
    • Autoimmune Quick Savant Package
    • Sterilization Adept Package
    • Sterilization Bastion Package
    • Sterilization Bulwark Package
    • Sterilization Initiative Package
    • Sterilization Quick Savant Package

Mission Crew Skill changes

  • Wealthy, Rich, and Bountiful are now the only result of Missions that can provide Artifact (purple) quality Crafting Materials.
  • Prosperous level Missions no longer exist. All existing prosperous Mission Schematics that are currently in Player’s possession have been converted to Wealthy Schematics.
  • All non-material specific Missions, such as lockboxes and vendor materials, now have only one result level. For example, there are no longer any Moderate or Rich Companion Gift Missions, they are simply “Companion Gift Missions.”
  • Companion Gift Missions are now only available in Grade 1-5, in order to be consistent with the Companion Gift Ranks. Example, Companion Gifts of Rank 4 are only available from Grade 4 Missions
  • Companion Gift Missions no longer reward Premium (green) Quality. These Missions now reward Prototype (blue) quality, or Artifact (purple) quality on a critical result.
  • There are now Moderate, Abundant, Bountiful, or Rich Material Missions for every Grade.
  • Most Mission skills now have two Missions, per Grade, per Yield. See below for a break down by Crew Skill.
  • Mission Credit costs have been standardized. Mission costs are now based on the type of Mission and its Grade.
  • A number of Missions have been moved between different Grades. A small number of Missions have been removed altogether.
  • Missions now progress in the following order as the Crew Skill is improved:
    • Moderate
    • Vendor Materials
    • Abundant
    • Companion Gifts
    • Bountiful
    • Lockboxes / Color Crystals
    • Rich
    • Wealthy

Investigation Mission Changes

Treasure Hunting Mission Changes

  • Mostly two Moderate, Abundant, Bountiful, and Rich Missions per Grade.
  • Three Companion Gift Missions per Grade
  • Two Lockbox Missions per Grade that reward new Lockboxes. Lockbox Missions will reward two Lockboxes when a critical result is achieved.
  • Lockboxes now always drop a small amount of Credits.
  • Lockboxes now drop a single item from the random drop tables appropriate to the Grade of the Lockbox.

Diplomacy Mission Changes

  • Mostly two Moderate, Abundant, Bountiful, and Rich Missions per Grade.
  • Three Companion Gift Missions per Grade
  • Companion Gift Missions no longer grant Light or Dark Side points
  • Wealthy Missions no longer grant Light or Dark Side points

Underworld Trading Mission Changes

  • Mostly two Moderate, Abundant, Bountiful, and Rich Metal Missions per Grade.
  • Mostly two Moderate, Abundant, Bountiful, and Rich Fabric Missions per Grade.
  • Three Companion Gift Missions per Grade.

Slicing Mission Changes

  • Mostly two Moderate, Abundant, Bountiful, and Rich Missions per Grade.
  • Two Lockbox Missions per Grade that drop new Lockboxes.
  • Lockbox Missions will reward Mission discoveries when a critical is achieved.
  • Lockboxes contain a sizable amount of Credits.

Archaeology Mission Changes

  • Mostly two Moderate, Abundant, Bountiful, and Rich Missions per Grade.
  • One vendor Material Mission per Grade.
  • One Color Crystal Mission per Grade.

Scavenging & Bioanalysis Mission Changes

  • Mostly two Moderate, Abundant, Bountiful, and Rich Missions per Grade.
  • One vendor Material Mission per Grade.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Nightmare Operations now drop 224 Rating items:
    • Each boss has a 5% chance to drop a 224 token
    • The final boss of each Operation has a 100% chance to drop a 224 token.
    • Operations with only 1 boss will have a 5% chance to drop a 224 token.
    • Item drops for 8-Player and 16-Player remains consistent: 1 roll for 8-Player, 2 rolls for 16-Player. This means killing the first boss of 16-Player Terror from Beyond will provide two 5% chances of getting a Rating 224 token.
  • Leaving Sakan Do’nair’s room after he has been killed, but before using the hangar deck console will no longer stop the console from playing its conversation during the Boarding Party Flashpoint.

Items + Economy

  • In support of the new Relics being craftable, we wanted to ensure Relics found in Operations were still superior to crafted and Mission Relics. As such, we have changed the stat allocations of Relics found in Operations. The abilities of these Relics remain unchanged, however they now have an additional stat added on to them. DPS & Healing Relics have lost a little bit of Endurance to gain Critical Rating, and Tank Relics have lost a little bit of Mastery to gain some Shield Rating. This only affects Relics that drop from Operations or are sold on the Glowing/Radiant Data Crystal vendor with Rating 216 or higher.
  • Alliance Supply Crates no longer drop Premium Quality gifts or courting gifts.
  • An Akk Dog Customization has been added to Izzar the Jawa Junk Vendor in the Cartel Bazaar.
  • New Decorations have been added to the final boss of each Operation. They have a small chance to drop in Story Mode, a higher chance in Hard Mode, and a guaranteed drop in Nightmare Mode.
  • All Start @ 60 Equipment is now Bind on Pickup.
  • Training Sabers are now 1-handed and can be dual-wielded.
  • The following items now correctly direct you to the Alliance Vehicle Engineer instead of the Smuggled Supplies Vendor:
    • Keycard: Hylo Visz’s Custom Swoop
    • Keycard: Oggurobb’s Custom Swoop
    • Keycard: Sana-Rae’s Custom Swoop
    • Keycard: Bey’wan Aygo’s Custom Swoop

Missions + NPCs

  • The “A Kindly Old Monster” Alliance Alert Mission no longer requires completion of the “Stalking the Score” Alliance Alert Mission. It now requires the completion of Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter IX: The Alliance, and the “To Find a Findsman” Alliance Alert Mission.
  • Nearly all NPCs killed in open areas now drop items appropriate to the player’s natural level.
  • Companions will no longer stop healing you during certain encounters.
  • Tank companions have regained the ability to shield themselves from attacks.
  • Addressed an issue where completing the required Missions didn’t update “[WEEKLY] Defending Voss-Ka.” This will reset any associated Missions: Ancient Guardians, Cleanse the Corrupted, Rock Eaters, The First Commando’s Call, Cyber Mercenaries, Not Afraid Enough, Savage Connections, Trial of the First.
  • Addressed an issue where some Missions were incorrectly updating the Weeklies “[WEEKLY] Contain and Control” and “[WEEKLY] Mass Exodus” on Makeb. This will reset both Missions.
  • The following companions will now speak when assigned or completing crew skill tasks and missions:
    • Lana
    • HK-55
    • Koth
    • Nico
    • Senya
    • Theron
  • Corrected numerous instances of incorrect Credit and Experience Mission Rewards across the Galaxy.
  • Corrected numerous instances of incorrect Mission scaling.
  • Bounty Hunters who have begun Knights of the Fallen Empire are no longer able to encourage Mako or Torian to act on their feelings for each other.
  • Conversations with Vette and Pierce are no longer available to Sith Warriors who have begun Knights of the Fallen Empire.
  • Conversations with Qyzen Fess are no longer available to Jedi Consulars who have begun Knights of the Fallen Empire.
  • The amount of Glowing and Common Crystals rewarded from the Forged Alliances quest line has been greatly reduced.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of the poison gas puzzle in the Makeb Missions [Heroic 2+] For the Record and [Heroic 2+] False History.
  • The Missions “Authorized for Sabotage” and “Authorized for Destruction” now reward Leg pieces instead of chest pieces.
  • Arcann’s Lightning Storm in Chapter VIII is now resisted by Force Barrier, and the backlash he suffers now has a description.
  • The Alliance Alert “A Kindly Old Monster” is now properly pushed to the player upon completion of Chapter IX and To Find a Findsman.
  • Eckard Lokin no longer spawns at an entirely random level during the Alliance Alert “A Kindly Old Monster.”
  • Addressed an issue where multiple Exploration Missions had outdated pre-requisites. This will reset the following Missions: Imperial: A Message for the Mercenaries, Spreading the Word, Severance Pay, Republic: Worker Justice, Worker Justice: Credits, Vesco’s Virus, Elective Surgery.
  • Removed the Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series Mission NPCs from the Fleets. The Mission chain can now be accepted directly from Colonel Harok (Imperial) or Deera Ulyette (Republic) on Nar Shaddaa upon reaching level 60.
  • Removed the Hoth Bonus Series Mission Terminals found on Voss. The Mission chain can now be accepted directly from Captain Graich (Imperial) or General Ilic Nadab (Republic) on Hoth once they reach level 60.
  • Removed the Alderaan Bonus Series NPCs from the Fleets. The Mission chain can now be accepted directly from Lord Serjay Thul (Imperial) or Major Brom (Republic) on Alderaan upon reaching level 60.
  • Addressed an issue where the Missions “Introduction to Group Finder” and [WEEKLY] Searching for Allies were scaling incorrectly to the Player’s level.